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Epic Vert Ramp at Boardriders Ericeira: Freddie Arnold’s Soaring Revolution

The skateboarding world is buzzing with excitement as Ericeira gears up to welcome a revolutionary addition to its vibrant skate scene. And it will be ready this weekend, on the 26th of August 2023. An epic vert ramp brought to town by the remarkable 16-year-old skateboard prodigy, Freddie Arnold. This thrilling venture promises to redefine the limits of skateboarding. But also to draw high-level performers and enthusiasts alike to experience the ultimate thrill of skating on a state-of-the-art vert ramp. And all of this will all be happening in our beloved Boardriders Ericeira.

Vert Ramp. Photo by Mathias Fennetaux

The Vert Ramp Unveiled

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer size of the vert ramp that’s about to grace Ericeira. Stretching 19 metres wide and with a jaw-dropping height of nearly 5 metres, this ramp isn’t just a challenge, it’s a true spectacle! To ensure that skateboarders can hit impressive speeds, there’s even a roll-in on the side, allowing them to generate momentum for gravity-defying tricks. Such features don’t just cater to the daring and ambitious, they attract the best in the business.

Meet the Mastermind: Freddie Arnold

Freddie Arnold. Photo by Cris Mateus
Freddie Arnold. Photo by Cris Mateus.

At the heart of this groundbreaking project is the softly-spoken and immensely talented Freddie Arnold. At only 16 years old, Freddie is redefining what it means to excel in skateboarding. With just 6 or 7 years of experience under his belt, he has shown remarkable prowess in the sport. Not only is he setting new standards for himself, but he’s also becoming a role model for aspiring others.

Freddie’s vision to create a space that nurtures talent and fosters a sense of camaraderie within the skateboarding community has materialised in the form of this awe-inspiring vert ramp. His passion and dedication are evident in every detail of the project. And his efforts are set to leave a lasting impact on the skateboarding scene.

The Attraction of the Vert Ramp

Edouard Damestoy, a true titan in skateboarding who boasts multiple X Games titles, recently took the ramp for a test drive. Notably, he rented out the ramp for an event near Paris, a testament to its allure and potential for high-performance skating. As Freddie scouted for a permanent home for his monumental creation, Damestoy’s endorsement adds to the ramp’s growing reputation.

With the seal of approval from a skateboarding legend like Damestoy, Ericeira’s vert ramp stakes its a claim to being the best in Europe. Nestled strategically in the beloved Boardriders skatepark, the ramp offers not only an idyllic sea view, but also a backdrop that sets the stage for exhilarating skate sessions.

Events and Extravaganzas

The ramp’s inauguration aligns perfectly with the annual Board Market event, which boasts exciting competitions, including the fire and bowl challenges. The demo will feature esteemed guests like Keanu Schwedt from Cascais and local legend Marcelo Plácido. However, the grand event is yet to come.

The ramp’s major inaugural session is set for October, aligning perfectly with the World Surf League event. And that’s just the beginning. With the Olympic qualifying competition scheduled for early October in Rome, and the bowl needing preparation work the preceding week, the grand vert demo will convene an assembly of skateboarding’s brightest stars. Among them are notable names like the 15-year-old Brazilian prodigy Raicca Ventura and the 13-year-old X Games Gold medalist Arisa Trew, renowned for her awe-inspiring 720-degree spin that captured the world’s attention.

Fostering Skills and Connections

Freddie’s epic vert ramp project is about more than just pushing skateboarding boundaries. It’s a place of growth, learning, and mentorship. With the presence of experienced coaches like Cris Mateus and Trevor Ward, who also guides Arisa Trew, the ramp serves as a haven for skateboarders to hone their skills and connect with like-minded individuals. The timing is crucial too; as the Rome Olympics qualifying competition approaches, Ericeira provides the ideal training ground for skaters to fine-tune their techniques.

Freddie Arnold. Photo by Cris Mateus.
Freddie Arnold. Photo by Cris Mateus.

Freddie’s Dream: Sharing the Stoke

For Freddie, this vert ramp is a manifestation of his dreams. Not only does it offer him a platform to refine his own skills, but it also gives him the chance to impart his knowledge and passion to the next generation of skateboarders. As a firm believer in the supportive skateboarding culture, Freddie sees himself as a bridge between seasoned skateboarders and budding talents. His coaching services promise to elevate skills and ignite the same flame of passion that drives him.

The Road Ahead

Freddie’s journey has only just begun. As he continues to skate, learn, and inspire, his impact on the world of skateboarding is poised to grow exponentially. The Ericeira vert ramp is a testament to his vision, ambition, and dedication. From hosting electrifying events to fostering growth in the skateboarding community, Freddie is poised to become a beacon of inspiration for skateboarders worldwide.

Book your Epic Vert Ramp Coaching Sesh

Interested in taking your skills to new heights? Just book your teaser coaching session with Freddie on his website, and keep up with his coaching journey on his Instagram page. Also, don’t forget to also follow Freddie’s personal Instagram account for behind-the-scenes insights into his skating adventures and ramp-building endeavors.


The arrival of Freddie Arnold’s vert ramp in Ericeira heralds a new era in skateboarding. The blend of talent, determination, and innovation has given birth to a space that promises to push boundaries, create connections, and inspire generations. As skateboarders of all levels flock to this revolutionary ramp, they’ll find more than just a platform to perform tricks. They’ll discover a vibrant community united by their love for the sport and their shared journey towards achieving the extraordinary. So, whether you’re a seasoned skateboarder or someone looking to dive into the world of skating, Freddie’s vert ramp is where the magic happens.

Vert Ramp. Photo at Instagram @Vert_Ramp.

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