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The Top Vegan-Friendly Eats in Town

Photo by Beatrice Lindfors, at Balagan Ericeira.

If not a matter of uppermost priority, it is at least reassuring to know where you can eat during your stay, right? So, let me share with you our top vegan-friendly eats in town.

Be U organic Market and our go-to vegan cafe

Besides the two daily main dishes, you will also find a satisfying variety of savory pastries, including my personal favorite, seitan stuffed empanada.

Be U is a whole food and organic store, as well as a vegan café that won’t break the bank.

Again, when it comes to healthy treats, Be U will not disappoint. You will be spoilt with choices ranging from a light apple tart to the traditional, super-rich layered biscuit cake (bolo de bolacha).

Souldough Pizza has Neapolitan vegan pizza and delicious focaccia

A stylish food truck by the road towards São Julião beach, Souldough shares a panoramic country view with the local surfboard shaper Mica.

The food truck serves Neapolitan-style sourdough pizza, as well as focaccia sandwiches, garnished with nothing but (as they say) the finest ingredients.

Make sure you try the focaccia, which is to die for!

Dear Rose Café has vegan cinnamon rolls and light meals

A tiny yet buzzing café, Dear Rose serves specialty coffee and healthy food in the heart of Ericeira.

Vegan cinnamon rolls at Dear Rose Cafe. Photo

Both breakfast and lunch options are mostly plant-based. On top of that, you can sample gluten-free, as well as vegan treats such as our epic, artisan cinnamon rolls!

You can find this specialty coffee shop in the narrow pedestrian street that goes between the main square and the Pescadores beach.

GIG – Green Is Good, yes

Two out of five of GIG’s main dishes currently on the menu are plant-based. On top of that, you will also find some lighter meal options. These include avocado or mushroom on toast, as well as a bowl packed with nuts, seeds, hummus and salad. Find out more on the GIG website.

T3RÇO do MEIO sourdough bakery

A trendy sourdough bakery by Praia do Sul, Terço do Meio produces plant-based cakes and pastry, as well as bread.

At the bakery, you will also find Portela da Ginja’s delicious pland-based cheeses and kombucha.

More vegan-friendly eats

Besides the year-round food places we have talked about, there are a few other options that are seasonal or happen from time to time.

Balagan is a Summer pop-up restaurant serving light meals and cocktails in a beautiful place. The stunning You and the Sea garden overlooking Praia do Sul.

Mostly vegan-friendly, the menu is inspired by middle eastern cuisine.

Both Ondina Guest House and Sandhi House host regular plant-based food events for which booking is required. And Ondina serves a daily lunch.

How about you? What is your favorite vegan-friendly place to eat in town? Let us know in the comments below – that would make our day!

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