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Public Health in Ericeira: rating our visit

This is our fourth visit to the Public Health Center in Ericeira and, there is nothing unusual about it. Therefore, I thought I would share today’s experience and take the opportunity to reflect on the service. My purpose is to give you an idea of what the vaccination visit can be like.

Updating our foreign vaccine booklet

Moving from London, we have had our child’s vaccine booklet updated to the Portuguese national program, in Ericeira. Unsurprisingly, there were some missing vaccines, such as hepatitis b, which we are now due for the third dose.

If you are moving from abroad, this may be your case too. So, make sure to register with the local health center as soon as possible. You will need this to enroll your child at school. You can read about how to enroll your child at school here.

Public Health in Ericeira: booking an appointment

To book our appointment for this due dose, I called our local health center, straight to the nurse on the 261 860 660. We were offered a next-day appointment but preferred to book for the following day instead, as my son had a school trip the next day.

We took the latest appointment of the day, at 3:15 pm. This fitted perfectly well with going to nursery, as usual, we just had to leave a bit earlier.

Arriving at the Ericeira’s Health center

Arriving at the health center today, we had a parking space just a few meters from the entrance. That is quite handy when carrying a child.

We went in, landed in the main waiting room, and passed through a double door to the following area. On the right side of the corridor, there was a smaller waiting room; on the left, a treatment room, as well as an immunization, an oral hygienist, and one of the doctor’s rooms.

There, I pumped into a friend, who had just been seen for her child immunization too. We had a little friendly chat and that was comforting.

During our 20-minute waiting time, only 3 other people passed through the waiting room at some point, which meant a lot of room for playing. There is a little drawing corner behind the chairs, which was also helpful with coping with the waiting.

Public Health in Ericeira: in the vaccination room

We saw the nurse at 3:35 pm, about 20 minutes after our appointment time. The nurse took the time to talk to us and to establish a report. That was nice. Then, the nurse reminded me of how I should hold the little one for immunization, and, during the procedure itself, he playfully guided my son. All was done in no time, with calm and no tears.

Public Health in Ericeira: the verdict

Yes, I would recommend this service. My only criticism is the waiting time, but even that was not too bad.

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