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Miguel Blanco Saves the Waves. The Planet Next?

Mantem a praia limpa

Former Portuguese national surf champion Miguel Blanco is setting an example. So, let the surfer show you how to make this planet a better place. With your own hands.

When it comes to looking after the environment and promoting sustainability, Miguel has high standards. He has a hands-on approach and a simple, fool-proof method that can be widely adopted and that is sure to deliver.

Impact Series featuring Miguel Blanco

Miguel frequently rolls up his sleeves to does beach clean-ups, works with the communities, gives talks on pressing environmental issues and advocates passionately for individual action.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Ericeira Surf Reserve, Blanco presents the first episode of the FuelTv Impact Series, in which he is the protagonist. 

Miguel Blanco and Joao Macedo’s talk in Boardriders Ericeira

The film promotes environmental awareness and should be available online at some point next week. 

Together with the environmental activist and surfer João Macedo, Miguel makes a robust case for the power of a community that works together to save the planet. 

Miguel Blanco, how did it all start?

“I was surfing on this tiny island in the Maldives, which was full of people and unfortunately, also litter. There were people stopping to take pictures. But they were not doing anything about the litter. They wouldn’t pick one single bottle, one piece of plastic”.

But, Miguel Blanco did.

“It was through the surf and through the love of nature that I started this journey. I am becoming more aware of our mission here. Which is to take care of our planet and to look after each other.”

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And what about the Maldives?

“Ok, the reality is a bit different from what people have been telling you. Nonetheless, this still is a beautiful place, to which I would love to go back. To surf there with my kids one day, just like my dad did with me. And for that to be possible, there has to be a change.”

More than the waves, the ecosystem

Miguel tells us about his trip to São Tomé, which was an opportunity to surf, of course, but also to become familiar with the reality of the country and to share this with the world.

During the stay, the surfer promoted a beach clean-up with school children, which finished with the delivery of surfboards and skateboards to the local children. 

Miguel also learned about turtle preservation and the trip was incredibly rewarding. “Not only for the surf but also for the moments shared with the community. I returned home with a full heart.”

It just takes one gesture, the first step, says Miguel Blanco

sustainability and environment film and talk
Miguel Blanco’s talk and Impact Series film presentation, Boardriders Ericeira.

One small gesture could be the first step that leads to changing a whole life, a whole community, a whole world. 

“Everything started with one gesture. I started with the litter and now I am an ambassador for the campaign Eat For Change. 

As an ambassador, I would like to help with raising public awareness about the importance of choosing a sustainable diet. Let’s think about what we eat, where it comes from, and how it is produced. 

By choosing a sustainable diet we are looking after our health while seeing that the planet has enough resources for future generations.”

How was it to present your film here at home in Boardriders?

“I am really happy to be here today showing this film to you, and inviting you to come along on this journey with me.

This was a great moment, a pleasure to share my project and try to gather a strong community with the same goal. We need to be aware of our actions and how they impact the environment and the ecosystem.”

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