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Googling Ericeira and all you get is surf?!

Ericeira Living in Pescadores beach

Googling Ericeira and all you find is surf?! Keep calm, there is much more to this beautiful, coastal town than its world-class waves!

The Winter in Ericeira Besides Surf

There is life in Ericeira besides surf, there are people out and about. This is true even now in February. The daytime temperatures, in the middle of the winter, have been between 13 and 18 degrees Celsius. With this mild weather and barely any wind, there is no reason to stay in doors.

Camaras Municipais de Mafra e Ericeira

But, we are not alone in our outdoorsy winter in town. So, who are the others?!

Who Stays in Ericeira When Summer is gone

Having our usual weekend breakfast on a terrace in the main square, we were happy to see the other tables were taken by locals, expats, surfers, and, especially children playing in a car-free space.

Because our children were playing together, we meet another family who had just moved to Ericeira. This is always exciting!

Praça da Republica, AKA Jogo da Bola – Picture by Michael Dierkes for Ericeira Living

Why Ericeira if not for its Surf?

Although the surf was the reason why we first thought of Ericeira, this was not determinant. High up on our list were other important factors. These included life quality and nature, good and affordable housing options, schools with a good environment, easy access to healthcare, and, of course, proximity to a main international airport.

Overview Praça da Republica, AKA Jogo da Bola – Picture by Mauricio Henriques Grimaldi for Ericeira Living

With or Without Surf, Ericeira is Great all year round

However, there is something we had been asking ourselves, but only recently found the answer. We wondered about Ericeira’s real face, the town that existed in the winter, far from the bright, buzzing summer days.

We had been preparing ourselves to find a dark and dull, empty small town on the outskirts of Lisbon. Luckily, this winter town anxiety was quickly gone.

In case you are still wondering what life is like in Ericeira, you can read more about this in our blog. We have written about education, transport, leisure, housing and more.

Bare trees in Jogo da Bola square – Picture by Mauricio Henriques Grimaldi

Our move from London to Ericeira has been an intense journey that we are happy to share with you. At least, this will give you some food for thought. Thus, maybe helping you to decide whether this is your dream town before you make the move.

Winter beach day in Ericeira, Pescadores beach
Winter beach weather in Ericeira – 23rd February 2020, Praia dos Pescadores

Share your experiences, thoughts, and pictures with us too. We look forward to hearing from you, whether you live in Ericeira or have visited the town at some point.

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2 thoughts on “Googling Ericeira and all you get is surf?!

  1. We are semi-retired Americans who have visited Portugal often but are considering spending half the year (nov-April) in either Ericiera or Alvor. Was glad to know Ericiera is lively in the winter as we’d rather base ourselves there since it is more centrally located for producing videos about Portugal. My husband is a National Geographic photographer. Your blog is very helpful as we were hoping there was more than surfing in the core pedestrian area. I was hoping there are also music concerts since there is a music school in Ericiera and Mafra. We currently live in Mexico in the winter but plan to come to Portugal instead. Any other info would be helpful. Thanks. Peggy + Bob

    1. Dear Peggy,
      Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a message 🙂
      I hope you have the chance to visit Ericeira, this is such a lovely place!
      About the music, I have gathered some information for you at
      Let me know if there is any specific information you need, I may be able to find out for you.

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