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Ericeira Music Jam Sessions

The Ericeira music scene is unsurprisingly proportional to the town’s size. But, together with Mafra, which is just next door, the town shares a decent cultural agenda.

Ericeira Music – Roots

Staring soon in the Ericeria music jam, is the roots “Ciclo da Musica Tradicional Raizes”. The event will be featuring three well known artists in the Portuguese music scene.

Opening the event, there will be Rao Kyao, playing Fado on his bamboo flute, on the 25th of January.

Rao Kyao, will be in Mafra on the 25th of January 2020

Then, the new generation Fado singer, Joana Amendoeira, is performing next, on the 8th of February.

Whereas, closing the festival on the 29th of February is the pop singer, Carlos Mendes.

You can buy your ticket online, from the local tourism office or, in the venue – Casa da Música Francisco Alves Gato in Mafra, for €5.

Carlos Mendes, will be in Mafra on the 29th of February 2020

The Mafra Philharmonic Orchestra

Meanwhile, the Mafra Philharmonic Orchestra is performing twice or, even 3 times a month, throughout January, February and March. Go ahead and check the details here.

Ericeira Music – Jazz

The jazz event Ciclo de Música “Jazz” starts on the 6th of March, with a concert every month, until June.

Mova Dreva, will be in Mafra on the 6th of March 2020

Similarly, the venue and fees are Casa da Música Francisco Alves Gato, in Mafra, €5. You can buy your ticket there, in a local tourism office or online, as well.

Gonçalo Sousa Quinteto , will be in Mafra on the 8th of May 2020
Silvia Nazário , will be in Mafra on the 5th of June 2020

Mafra’s 4th International Organ Festival

Opening the festival, there will be a trumpet and organ concert on Friday the 17th of April at 21:30, in the National Palace of Mafra. Whereas on the 19th, the organ is played in the Church in Livramento, same time. On Sunday however, the concert starts at 16:00, with violin and organ, in Santo Andre. The festival is on, following this schedule, until The 3rd of April.

Mafra Internationa Organ Festival

Lisbon is around the corner

On top of that, within a 40 minute-drive, you can be in Lisbon and enjoy its robust entertainment offer. May this be a small Fado concert in old Alfama, or maybe a mega Madonna show.

Madame X – Madonna in Lisbon, January 2020

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