Schools in Ericeira: when, where & how to enroll?

School Antonio Bento Franco, in Ericeira

Schools in Ericeira, answer the questions that we once had asked ourselves before moving to Ericeira.

When considering a new location for living and raising our children, we want to find out all about the local schools before we make a final decision. I hope this information can be useful to you too.

Starting School in Ericeira

At what age CAN I enroll my child at school?

Public preschool is available for children from 3 years old (and those who will be 3 by the 31st of December), up to until they start at school. This is not mandatory, though.

Ideally, enrollment is done from mid-April to mid-June, online or in the school.

At what age MUST I enroll my child at school?

The Portuguese state offers a school place for all children aged between 6 and 18 years old. For this age group, school is compulsory. Parents are legally required to enroll a child who turns 6 before the beginning of the new school year. The cut-off date is the 15th of September. A child who turns 6 years old between the 16th of September and the 31st of December can also be enrolled if there is a vacancy, but this is not compulsory.

Escola Básica da Ericeira (1ºC/JI) – preschool and primary school in Ericeira

For homeschooling, you still need to go to the school and fill up the form to register the child in the education system. This is a legal requirement.

What documents will I need to enroll my child?

  • Child’s identity card or birth certificate
  • Pass photography
  • Completed registration form, that can be done at school if you need help
  • From the local health center “centro de saude”:
    • up to date national vaccine book and respective certificate
    • health check certificate “ficha de ligacao”

Find out here how to transfer your child from a foreign school

When does the school year run from?

From mid-September to beginning, mid- or end of June, depending on the child’s school year.

When does school break up?

School Antonio Bento Franco, in Ericeira
Local School Antonio Bento Franco, in Ericeira
  • 2 weeks in the end of December
  • 2 weeks at Easter
  • 3 days at Carnival

In 2018/2019, the Carnival break will be from the 4th of March to the 6th of March and Easter from the 8th to the 22nd of April.

Public Schools in Ericeira

The Portuguese public schools are generally safe and healthy places. However, the comfort offered to the students, as well as the infrastructure functionality and accessibility, can largely vary.

The good news is that the school Antonio Bento Franco, in Ericeira, is currently being fully renovated and will soon be a much better place for the growing local young population. Whereas, the primary school already has excellent infrastructure, heating, gymnasium hall, and swimming pool next to it. What is more, both schools have a growing international influx.

The public schools in Ericeira and surroundings are grouped together in what is called Agrupamento Escolar de Ericeira. Two of the schools in this group are located in Ericeira itself, including the main school, the Escola Básica António Bento Franco (2º/3ºC). Contact: 261 860 050.

The second school in Ericeira is the preschool and primary school Escola Básica da Ericeira (1ºC/JI). Contact 261 860 180.

School Antonio Bento Franco, in Ericeira
Local School Antonio Bento Franco, in Ericeira. Photo from Agrupamento de Escolas Ericeira

The remaining branch schools are as follows.

  • Pre- and primary school “Escola Básica da Freguesia da Carvoeira (1ºC/JI)” – Fonte Boa da Brincosa T: 261 860 150
  • Primary school “Escola Básica da Freguesia da Encarnação (1ºC)” – Encarnação T: 261 850 080
  • Pre-and primary school “Escola Básica da Freguesia de Santo Isidoro(1ºC/JI)” – Lagoa T: 261 850 000
  • Preschool “Jardim de Infância” Azenhas dos Tanoeiros – Azenhas dos Tanoeiros T: 261 857 248
  • Nursery “Jardim de Infância” Barril – Barril T: 261 856 920
  • Preschool “Jardim de Infância” Encarnação – Encarnação T: 261 856 475
  • Nursery “Jardim de Infância” Ribamar – Ribamar T: 261 866 135
  • Preschool “Jardim de Infância” de Santo Isidoro – Santo Isidoro T: 261 864 420

How long is the school day?

Long, was our first impression. Though, this is not a particular issue with education in Ericeira. Furthermore, this depends on the school year and on the establishment itself. For instance, at the preschool in Ericeira, classes usually run from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Whereas, for children on the 1st to the 4th years, the day stretches up to 5:30 pm. However, if needed, children can arrive earlier and leave even later. The school offers an extension service from 7:30 to 8 am, and from 5:30 to 7 pm.#

How is learning evaluated?

Learning is continuously evaluated internally and, externally, with national exams at the end of the 4th, 6th, 9th, 11th, and, finally, 12th years. Individual parent meetings happen at the end of the school year. At this point, the teacher has a private talk with the parents of each child, about the child’s progression, the activities, and work done, etc.

Does the curriculum include foreign languages, sports and music?

English education starts in the 3rd year. A second foreign language (French, Spanish or German) begins in the 7th year. Music and sports start in the 5th year, though there is an artistic/motor subject from year one. For example, our friend’s son is in his first year at school and has had swimming class, sports in a gymnasium, and drama class.

Local school Ericeira
Local school in Ericeira

What is the school food like?

School meals are healthy and balanced, including daily soup, fish, or meat as the main course, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Seasonal fruit, jelly, or yogurt are served as pudding.

The food is locally produced. And, at Antonio Bento Franco, the staff cooks in the school kitchen itself. Whereas, the primary school EB1, uses a catering service from the neighboring Malveira.

Parents can obtain meal tickets in advance for under 1.5 euros each. There are also vegetarian and diet options available. The daily menu, and information on its nutritional value, are available online via the city hall website. Parents should go to the school office and fill-up the form for the canteen in advance. You can pay for this service monthly at a cash point. You can also top up your child’s meal card, then, book the meals online.

Morning and afternoon snacks include bread and butter, fruit, yogurt, or milk. Although, children are encouraged to bring their packed snakes from home.

How will my child travel to school?

Parents normally walk or drive their children to school, while they are little. For children living in the Freguesia, but outside the town, like in Fonte Boa dos Nabos, Seixal, or further, there is the public bus service. In this case, students can benefit from a 50 percent discount on the bus pass.

Private Schools in Ericeira

Parents can also opt for a private school, although this is a less common option. Having said that, the Colegio Miramar is a popular choice among children living in Santo Isidoro, a neighboring freguesia to Ericeira. The private school also welcomes students from Ericeira, Encarnacao, and Sobral da Abelheira and has a capacity for 1320 children from the 5th year onwards.

Are there any international schools in Ericeira?

International Schools are abundant in the Lisbon area, including a French lycée, an American and a German school, as well as a handful of international religious schools. To the North of Ericeira, is the International School of Torres Vedras. The operative language may be French, German, Portuguese, or English, most commonly. The annual fees range between 3000 and 14000 euros.

Nursery schools in Ericeira
Colegio Art e Manha nursery school

Nursery schools in Ericeira

Most children’s nurseries in Ericeira are private, however, you can opt for one of the two local IPSS nurseries. These institutions are halfway between public and private and include the Centro Social da Ericeira in town, and CEBI in Fonte Boa dos Nabos, 2.5 km from the center of Ericeira.

The IPSSs are well disputed, and it is common for parents to enroll their children well before birth because working moms need to go back to work when the baby is 4 or 5 months old.

In private nurseries, the waiting list is also common. For my son, for example, joining the “1 to 2 years old” class, I started contacting nurseries 6 months in advance. In the end, we were lucky to have a place in the Nursery we wanted. As we were moving to Ericeira in April, we missed the beginning of the school year and, most importantly, the pre-registration. Ideally, I would have started the “school hunt” the year before. That would imply, however, paying unnecessary fees, if we got a place before April.

Most nurseries are private and still have a waiting list. So, do your visiting round as soon as possible, and secure your place on the waiting list. You can do this for free. Read more about the nurseries in Ericeira here.

Leave a reply below and share your own experience and tips for schools in the area, we would love to hear from you! Thank you for your support.

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for all your wonderful info about Ericiera. Can you provide any details about local sports/extracurricular activities in the schools and in the town? I am especially interested if there is artistic gymnastics for children. I have tried searching online but haven’t been too successful.

    Thank you, again!

  2. What a fantastic website! I am finding it so interesting and extremely helpful!

    We are planning on moving to Ericeira in January 2020 from South Africa. Our kids speak no Portuguese but we are keen to submerge them in the local school as soon as possible for them to start learning the language etc. Our kids are 4 and 6 currently. Our thinking is to home school up until September when we would enrol them in the local school. I see you mention Escola Básica da Ericeira as the local state school. I have been on their website but am finding it difficult to get a feel for the school, their facilities, culture etc. Photographs are very limited. I realise it is currently school holidays but do you perhaps know of someone we could contact to get further information? It would be so helpful to speak to parents with kids in the school to get their feedback.

    Thank you for all the effort put into your site, it really is such a help!

    Kind regards
    Cate Giese

    1. Hi Cate – Hope all is going well with your move over. I’ve just been looking around online and came across Ericeira and this article. We are from Cape Town and I’m looking for a cool little surf town to relocate to. Please let me know how you are coming on. My email is


    2. Hi Cate!! We are also moving from Cape Town to Ericeira! My kids are 7, 6 and 3! Where have you decided to send your kiddies to school? We’re currently also homeschooling and trying to decide – it’s not easy! We’re in Ericeira at the moment and then are going to be in Spain for July and August before returning to Ericeira in September full time. Would love to meet up!!

      1. Hallo Nicolette, we’re looking at moving to Ericeira from Cape Town towards the end of this year, I’d love to know what your experience has been? Our kids will be 12 and 10.

  3. Hi. This is fabulous info. I am looking to move to Ericeira for good once my two girls finish school in July this year. We live in London and I have been searching high and low to provide my 11 and 10 year old with good education.

    I don’t want them to lose there English and was wondering if there are any schools that provide English too.


    1. Hi Olivia, how exciting!
      The curriculum is taught in Portuguese in our public schools, and in the nearest private international school in Torres Vedras.
      Have a look at this international school in Cascais
      Good luck 😉

  4. Hi Deli,
    Thank you for your very informative site.

    We are a swiss/Swedish/Canadian family moving to Santo Isidoro end of June. We are planning on staying for at least one year. Our children are 11 and 13 years old, both are boys. From what O gather they have two options: the school in Ericeira and the Miramar College which is private.

    Are ther any other close by options?
    What are the fees at the Miramar College?
    I’m Swedish although my boys have been school in Switzerland. What year would they be in when they start school this fall?
    How did your children integrate at school?

    Sorry about all the question but you seem to have a lot of answers?


    1. Dear Carina,
      This are exciting news!
      I believe that the college in Miramar is actually free for children living in Santo Isidoro.
      However, I have emailed the college ( on the 25/04, in Portuguese, asking them your questions. I have copied you in, and should hopefully receive more reliable information from them.
      We are not school age yet, and our personal experience only goes as far as nursey/kindergarten at the moment. But, if you ask parents on the FB group Expats in Ericeira, they may be able to help by sharing their personal experience with you.
      Wishing you all the best with your move,

    2. Hi Carina, I hope all is well. Did you have any luck with exporing the schools? I have 2 boys 10 and 12, think of moving to Ericeira, they speak English, but no Portugeese.
      Do the schools do any assesments before they take a child, how so they catch up with Portugeese? Many thanks. Agata

      1. Hi Agata,

        No I have not heard back from school yet. I do know though that the end date for enrolling kids to school is 30th of June so there is time. We would get in touch this summer so that we can get to know you.

        All the best

  5. Hi Deli,

    This post and your site has been so helpful.

    My husband and I are looking into moving to Portugal with our two little boys next year. We know that we want them to go to the French school in Lisbon, but we’re wondering whether living in either Cascais or Ericeira would be possible for this. Do you think the daily commute for the school run would be too long from these places?


    1. Hi Isla,
      That is good news, congratulations!
      I think you might be right though, traveling nearly 100 km daily could be tiresome.
      Would the boys start school right away or do you have some time to try out?
      Best luck with your move,

  6. Hello,
    My family and I are looking to spend a year or more in Ericeira, moving from Oregon, we have two girls 7 and 10, can you please tell me the closest English speaking school in the area?
    I do like the idea of them going to the public school but I worry about the language barrier and them getting behind…

    1. Hi Julie,
      Maybe Prime international, Carlucci and TASIS, all in Cascais/Sintra area, about 40 minute-drive.
      All the best,

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