The cheapest way to Lisbon: Navegante pass €40/month

The cheapest way to travel in Lisbon

Navegante Metropolitano pass: the cheapest way to Lisbon

The cheapest way to Lisbon is by public transport. The new pass for Greater Lisbon is called Navegante Metropolitano and costs only € 40 a month.

The Navegante Metropolitano allows you to travel anywhere, from Ericeira to Setubal, south of the capital. What is more, this includes any public transport in the journey: coach, bus, train, ferry, and tube!

In Ericeira and Mafra, you will be able to take any bus, coach, and seasonal beach bus. If you only travel within Mafra (Municipio), and never go to Lisbon, you may go for the € 30/month pass, called Navegante Municipal. However, if you do go to Lisbon, at least once a month, you are probably better off choosing the upgraded version. Not only is this the cheapest way from Ericeira to Lisbon, but also the most economical way to travel in Greater Lisbon.

Greater Lisbon pass: is this for me?

This pass is for anyone traveling in the Greater Lisbon area. For the 65 year-olds and above, the pass costs half the price and is called Viva Navegante +65. For children under 13 years old, the pass is for free, called Viva Navegante 12 anos.

Honestly, this makes me want to go the extra mile to start using public transport. What an excellent idea! Lately, I had been thinking of going back to cycling as a means of transport. However, I am now ready to give it all up, just for this pass.

Greater Lisbon pass: what is the catch?

I can not help wondering whether everyone else is thinking the same. If people respond to this campaign as well as they should, will the existing capacity be able to respond to the sudden demand?

If the current service turns out to be insufficient, how are we going to match the demand with less money? And last but not least, who is paying for this? OK, let’s focus on the good things in life and enjoy this while it lasts.

So, I have run up to the nearest bus station, the only one in Ericeira really, to order my personalised, rechargeable Viva card. This is equivalent to London’s Oyster card and Paris’s Navigo, for example, but much cheaper.

Greater Lisbon pass: how can you get yours?

At the bus station, I received a short form asking for biographic data, contact details, and data protection. Once this is completed, I must return the form along with a pass photo and € 7. After that, I should expect to receive my Viva in about 10 days. I will then, finally, be able to pay and enjoy my monthly pass for the modest amount of € 40.

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