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Birthday Coming Up? No-fuss Child-friendly Ideas

Got a birthday coming up? Check our no-fuss, child-friendly celebration ideas that won’t break the bank.

Skatepark birthday action – for little shredders

This year, our little shredder decided he wanted to celebrate his fifth birthday doing what he loves the most: skating with his friends in the local skatepark Boardriders. So, all there was for me to do was to bring down the homemade cake and marshmallows!

Besides Boardriders, there are a few other birthday party-friendly options within a forty-minute drive.

These include the Venda do Pinheiro park with its super-fun bowl; the Monsanto skatepark, which being in a forest, is cool and shady in the Summer; Sao Pedro da Cadeira, in the outskirts of Ericeira; and, the Expo Skatepark that we love.

You can read more about this in our article “Skateparks in Lisbon”, coming soon.

Playground birthday fun – ideally next to a cafe

Do you know that playground next to the coffee shop? Luckily, Ericeira is not short of those.

However, your best choice would probably be Santa Marta park. There is the playground itself, the sea view, plenty of shade and the spacious (covered) Tempo café. You can bring your birthday cake, order some drinks and snacks, and you are good to go.

If you need more space, the municipal sports park in Mafra would be a good call. While the playground area is a short walk from the café (by the entrance to the park), the picnic tables are right there.

Trampoline park party – indoors and out of this world

Trampoline parks come in especially handy on those rainy days when little else could do.

Although not free, a celebration there will not break the bank either. This is still affordable fun and well worth it.

 One would imagine that children get tired of bouncing after one hour or two, right? Wrong.

Quantum Park

Urban Park in Sobreiro, is hardly a 10-minute drive from the town center in Ericeira. But, if you do not mind driving a little further, Quantum Park in Sintra will not disappoint. Besides, you can use the café area for your little celebration.

At Quantum, you can book individual hourly slots for the trampolines, which is by far the largest and most popular attraction. Or, you can try the climbing walls and skateboarding area.

For groups, book one of the celebration packs, which may or not include food.

Toddlers can enjoy the soft playground area by the café upstairs. Which is free!

Beach birthday party – picnic or terrace

With lots of water and sand to play with, a beach birthday party is twice as likely to please. This is true whether you book a terrace table, take a picnic or, order pizza delivered to the beach.

Make sure to choose a children-friendly beach and terrace. Here in Ericeira, we are spoiled for choice. However, the Kanoa restaurant terrace, at Foz do Lisandro beach, works particularly well.

Tree-climbing birthday adventure

Think of a fun, idyllic childhood. Climbing up trees will surely come to mind. Now, add the ropes and zip lines and you will be making lifetime memories.

Cova da Baleia adventure park near Ericeira, Portugal.

Near Ericeira, Cova da Baleia park offers two to three-hour sessions (including training) for 6-year-old children and above. Minimum 10 participants, €16 each.

The park has a café with a large covered terrace, picnic, and barbecue area, as well as a swimming pool. You may also want to try paintballing.

Pizzaria or party lounge?

Spacious, informal pizza places are not as rare as one may imagine. In our small town, for instance, there are at least two that I would recommend: Beach Pizzas and Pizza Mobile. Both serving artisanal pizza with a sea view.

Beach Pizzas is our go-to gathering place. We love it both for the food, the laid-back atmosphere, spacious indoor, terrace, and garden. And, last but not least, we love it because this is a child-friendly place, where they can play and we can relax.

If you are a larger group, try to book your party for the afternoon, when the restaurant would otherwise be closed. Place your order in advance for pizza, drinks, and puddings. You might even be able to order the birthday cake itself.

You can also book a painting activity session with the in-house artist Magda Nunes.

For more ideas check our blog post 13 Things To Do With Kids In Ericeira For Free.

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