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Aerial Silks are Back in Town and Ready to Roll

Mare Cavalcanti Aerial Silks Mafra
Aerial Silks are fun, 
incredibly challenging,
and will keep you
coming back for more.

You workout like
a circus artist
without realising
how hard your body is
actually working!

You are strong
and flexible enough.
Start from wherever you are.

Local Aerial Silks classes
every Friday.
Just try it.

With a new teacher and an updated venue, Aerial Silks classes are back in town. What is more, I can tell you all about it, from the inside.

tecido acrobatico Ericeira
Aerial Silks class at Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

So what is all the fuss about?

Believe it or not, I was one of the first students to join the local classes when they first opened in Ribamar, back in 2018. Although this may not be obvious from my performance! But I’m fine with that and continue to enjoy it nonetheless.

Me, doing Aerial Silks in Ribeira d’Ilhas, back in 2018

I am hooked. Since reopening at the beginning of May in Mafra, I have not missed one single class. And I cannot wait for my next one!

aerial silks class, Mafra
Aerial Silks class at Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

Since resuming, after a long break, I still take a good part of a week to recover between sessions. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to progressing to two classes per week. Hopefully, that should be possible once the group is a bit bigger. Hence my motivation to share this with you. Not just out of the kindness of my heart this time.

aerial silks
Aerial Silks teacher Marê Cavalcanti

But, are Aerial Silks for you? Moreover, what are these anyway? Who teaches the local classes, who else is there, and why? This is exactly what is coming ahead. So, keep on reading.

What are Aerial Silks?

Aerial silks are or rather is, a relatively new acrobatic dance also known as Tissues, or Ribbons.

The current form was born in the circus community, likely in the late 1950s in France. However, only about 20 years ago, with Cirque du Soleil’s draw-dropping performances, the dance attained worldwide popularity.

About the Performance

aerial silks Ericeira
Morena Magrani Aerial Silks at Associação de Moradores de Ribamar. Photo Hugo Sousa

Ariel Silks requires just that: silks. This is a double piece of fabric that drapes down to the floor from heights of 4.5 to 10 meters above the ground. And this fabric is the central piece around which artists create their choreography.

tecido acrobatico Mafra
Aerial Silks Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

The performer climbs up the silks with no safety line, relying only on their strength to keep themselves up while displaying a series of poses, contortions, and breathtaking drops. All of which effortlessly.

Surprising as it may sound at first, this exhilarating practice has quickly become popular among the general public worldwide. I mean, many normal people like you and me are adopting Aerial Silks as their favorite, regular workout. But why?

aerial silks class, Mafra
Pietra, 12, Aerial Silks class at Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

About the Workout

Developing a stronger, more flexible body is surely a good enough reason. Having said that, this could also be achieved in other ways, if only you could stick to them.

tecido acrobatico Ericeira
Morena Magrani, Aerial Silks in Ericeira

I suspect this is the answer. The reason why Arial Silks has become popular, and so fast, is that people can stick to it.

Sure, you may work out like a circus artist, but your mind soars. You are thrilled, excited, and deeply focused on each detail of a new movement. So much so that, your brain will not even notice how hard your body is actually working. Let alone tell you to stop.

tecido acrobatico Ericeira
Morena Magrani, Aerial Silks in Ribeira dIlhas

Have I mentioned the benefits you could enjoy from practicing Aerial Silks yet? You don’t need to take my word for it. Find out in the testimonies below what other students have to say about the local classes.

Aerial Silks Local Classes

The workout begins with a comprehensive warm-up and stretching routine before you move on to the silks.

aerial silks class, Mafra
Aerial Silks class at Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

And, once you approach the silks, you will see that the fabric drapes all the way down to a nicely padded floor with thick gymnastic mattresses. Don’t worry, the silks are not so high, nor will you be climbing up all the way to the top. Not at your first class, anyway.

However, regardless of how high you climb, you can rest assured that you are developing the strength and flexibility, and essential skills to execute key movements in your practice.

Who Teaches the Local Classes?

Aerial Silks teacher
Marê Cavalcanti

I wonder what your ideal teacher should be like. Patient, driven, resourceful, experienced, or inspiring? Our teacher is all of the above.

Meet Marê Cavalcanti. The 45 years old instructor did her own Aerial Silks training in São Paulo, Brazil, to pursue a secret dream of joining the circus. Alongside Aerial silks, Marê also teaches Aerial Yoga and has taught Iyengar Yoga for the last 20 years.

Aerial Silks
Marê Cavalcanti teaching Aerial Silks

Marê is Brazilian and teaches in Portuguese, the language of the classes. Having said that, a lot of what is taught is communicated in body language, by demonstration.

Nonetheless, this may still be a good opportunity for practicing your Portuguese, as the group works mutual support and cooperation.

What do Local Students Say?

Roberta, why did you start Aerial Silks?

aerial silks class Ericeira
Roberta, Aerial Silks class in Ribeira dIlhas

“I started this because I was looking for an effective, whole-body workout, but I am not a fan of repetitive exercises.

However, despite having heard about Ariel Silks before, I thought it would be too difficult and that I wouldn’t be able to do it. 

Luckily, motivated by Morena, the previous teacher, I decided to give it a try. And I loved it!

Why do I love it?

For the adrenaline!

aerial silks class Ericeira
Roberta, Aerial Silks class in Ribeira dIlhas

I love Silks because it allows me to progress while trying new things, new poses at my level and pace, regardless of what others are doing. 

I am always excited to go to the class, as I know it will be challenging and fun. You simply bypass all of the sufferings that are common with other ways of working out.

But, on the days after the class, I can feel just how effective the workout has been.

What keeps me motivated?

aerial silks Ericeira
Roberta, Aerial Silks class in Ericeira

If today’s challenge is to drop down head first, tomorrow’s may be to climb up a little bit higher. Overcoming these challenges is what keeps me motivated.

You know, as you practice, you find that your body responds better, that you are stronger and more capable than before. And you take this self-confidence and good feeling with you, beyond the classes.”

Roberta, 50 years old, nutritionist and yoga instructor.

Fernanda, can you tell us why you joined the classes?

“I had never had any plans or inclination to join something like this. Ever. 

But the truth is, I became friends with an Aerial Silks teacher. And she was so adamant that I should try it that, the next thing I knew, I was in her class!

tecido acrobatico Ericeira

Why do I love it?

What I love the most about the class is the group, the atmosphere. I feel so good there! And that feeling of well-being stays with me after each class.

What keeps me motivated?

aerial silks class
Ferananda, Aerial Silks class at Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

The certainty that, by following the process, step by step, I am improving. Slowly but surely. 

The continuity and commitment to the practice, the class, and the group also keep me motivated.”

Fernanda, 41 years old, family therapist.

Raquel, why did you try the class?

aerial silks class

“I have always done sports and weight lifting but, I was looking for something different and challenging to complement my other activities.

Aerial Silks had been sitting on my wish list for a while now, so this class is a great opportunity. As you know, I have just had my first class.

How did you like it?

aerial silks class
Raquel, Aerial Silks class at Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

Very much, I am hooked! Not only did I feel good in the class but also super light and relaxed afterward. I am enrolled for the year now.

Being with friends is also super important. And this is how I felt here, in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.”

Raquel, 45 years old, lawyer.

Local Aerial Silks Classes Details

aerial silks Mafra
Pietra, 12, Aerial Silks class at Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Mafra

Time: 1.5 hours classes, from 10:30 to 12:00, every Friday. We will increase our classes and adjust the schedule according to the demand, for both adults and teens.

Venue: Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Estrada Nacional 549 – Quintal 2640-573 Mafra.

Group: Small groups, up to 8 people.

Language: Body language and Portuguese

Fee: €35 monthly, €12 yearly insurance, and €10 for the first class, unless you are enrolling for the classes.

Contact details: visit Marê‘s Facebook page or email for more information.

Outdoors Aerial Silks with Mare Cavalcanti
Outdoors Aerial Silks with Mare Cavalcanti

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