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Ericeira Living in Pescadores beach

About Ericeira Living – What We Do

Ericeira Living is about sharing what we know, as we learn it ourselves.

By sharing, we hope to be able to help you with your own projects. And maybe, even with kick-starting your new life in town. Who knows?

We enjoy sharing practical information about services and products, as well as finding out about the story behind them to share with our readers. The main subjects we cover are

  • Housing: top-tips for renting and buying. We also share some of our personal experience with renovating and share local insight about construction in Ericeira.
  • Food and Garden to Table: we love growing and preparing our own food, as well as eating out in town. And we are eager to share our experiences with you.

About Ericeira Living – Why We Do This

Ever since we moved to Ericeira, we have felt so lucky to be here that I had to find a way to share!

As you may well have noticed, there is little practical information about Ericeira online. This means that “word of mouth” still is the way to go around here. Unfortunately for those fresh off the boat, this takes time to track down.

Therefore, in Ericeira Living, we organize and try to make sense of all the information we have learned so far. And let me tell you: one learns an awful lot by living things firsthand!

Now that we have soaked it all in, it is important to spread the word, so you can learn too, the easy way. Keep up with the everyday life in the town by subscribing to Ericeira Living.

By following our posts, I hope that you will have the tools to manage every aspect of your new life in town, all by yourself. However, if you do find you need some practical help at some point, we will be here for you.

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